Dr. Rihab Alkhalil

Audiology Consultant
Chief of Pediatric Audiology

Clinical Supervisor of Cochlear Implant Program and Newborn

Hearing Screening Program

Director of Saudi High Diploma in Clinical Audiology
King Abdullah Specialist Children Hospital
Riyadh, KSA


Main Program Day 3

Newborn hearing screening: best practices and regional perspectives

Moderator: Sarah Alsibeai

Panelists: Dr. Rihab Alkhalil, Dr. Heidi Al-Wassia, Dr. Mohamad A. El Bitar


Main Program Day 3

Panel: Tele-medicine: what have CI programs learned from the pandemic?

Moderator:  Dr. Fida Almuhawas

Panelists: Dr. Rihab Alkhalil, Dr. Mohamad A. El Bitar, Ms. Manar Adwan